The Finikas restaurant


The restaurant started in 1989 and is runned by Lambros Gkassios and his wife Mando Vlastari.

 The name of Lambros was already none inside the town and on the island. He has runt a other restaurant as a chef on the upper site of town and was famouse about the cooking skils and his wunderfull dishes.  But after a few years they dissided to get there one restaurant on the opposite site of the town next to there house. At that time it was known as the blue house with his stunning view. The restaurant get some old traditional dishes on his menu. Everybody starts to search the restaurant but fining it wash made a bit difficult.

In 2013 Lambros stops the restaurant and moved it to the old telephone compagny office. He has make way to the building of the Finikas-apartments. They were opend april 2017. The restaurant change his face a few times and is now the one ho is a hit in Skopelos because of his food and famouse of the quality. Old recepise are getting a new start like the pork with plums and appel. People ar reviewing a lot to tripadviser.Take a look at tripadviser and pay a visite. But know that good food prepared takes some time and the possebility of waiting outside to get a table is more often than less.

some of the highlights of the kitchen are;

  • the aubergine salad
  • Tzatziki
  • Mushrooms with garlic
  • Skordalia
  • Spicy feta
  • Chicken with cheese
  • Veal liver
  • Garides saganaki
  • Pork with plums and appel
  • Keftedakia (meatbals)
  • Burgers