2010-09 Skopelos (9)The rooms of the Finikas-apartments are a bit different as the average apartments. The size of the apartments will surprise you. The Thalasa apartment is about 100 square meter. Two separate bed and bathrooms and a very large living and dinning. The Helios apartment has also two separate bed and bathrooms and is just over 75 square meter. Both rooms have a washing machine.

Finikas apartments
Finikas apartments

Both are called apartments but can also be named a holiday home because of their size. The outside space is enormous and gives a stunning view over the city of Skopelos.

The rooms are placed inside the former restaurant Finikas. The rebuilding gave them a huge job during the winter. The constructors did a fabulous job.

Ilios outdoor dinning
Helios outdoor dinning

In the future of Finikas-apartments there are plans to make more apartments as a swimming pool with poolbar and a outdoor kitchen.

Because Lambros is a culinary chef he would like to cook for his guests. He likes his guests to taste his food and also give them the possibility to learn how to make it at home.

ASkopelos 2015 cam06t this moment Lambros has his typical Greek restaurant in town. He is working hard to rebuilding and refurbishing his restaurant. His specialty will be pie (sweet and savory) and the special of the day. This is a dish of the season and served as a diner. Dinner will be served after 20.00 our. If you want a special dish order it a day in front. Kali orexi.

If you are guests of the Finikas-apartments pay a visit to Lambros and find out what kind of specials he has for you. You also can find some small souvenirs from locals.

Already exited?? Go to the rooms to learn more and  book for next season.

Ilios living and dinning
Helios living and dinning
Thalasa living and dinning
Thalasa living and dinning

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