A visite to the Agios Ioannis (Mama Mia) rock on Skopelos

A visite to the Agios Ioannis (Mama Mia) rock on Skopelos

We can arrange you a visit to the rock of Agios Ioannis on Skopelos.

The Skopelos rock is very famous as it was featured in the film “Mama Mia” with Maryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.skopelos-2013-107

A tour bus near the harbor provides transport to theĀ Island. The drive to the rock offers a good view of what you can expect from the rest of the island. The view on some places is stunning and the greenery of the forest is so diverse, you just won’t believe your eyes. You can also see the beaches and start planning on which one you might end up to. Lots of places are also featured in the movie.

While you are there, you can pay a visit to the beautiful little church of Agios Ioannis, on the top of the rock. When you have climbed the rock, you can ring the bell and make a wish, or light up a candle for your loved ones.

Ask Manto for further details.

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